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Ron and Angelo became friends through some of life's quirky coincidences( try saying THAT three times!) They met each other through Ron's software company, and after Ron and his wife Nancy sold the business, they decided to move someplace a little warmer, and without snow…what better place than Mobile, Alabama! OK, moving here right before Hurricanes Ivan and Katrina blew through was not the BEST timing, but hey… they love it here!

Ron decided to open up Mobile Bay Coins shortly after moving here, so that he could run a coin shop full time and finally grow that ponytail he has long yearned for. Ron has been an avid collector and dealer for many years, starting his first coin shop while serving in the Air Force. He loves hunting almost as much as coin collecting, but is so busy that he has not had a lot of time for that lately…

Angelo became (obsessively?) interested in knives shortly after joining the Army ROTC program in college. The first Gerber Mark II he owned did little more than cut rope, or occasionally cut open an MRE, but now his collection and knowledge of vintage Gerber knives ( and other knives) has grown considerably … unlike the hair on his head.

Nancy, obviously NOT one of the two GUYS, but, as she tells is, the real brains of the outfit… loves her dogs, is actively involved in several volunteer, charitable, and Mardi Gras organizations. She still finds time to keep Ron and Angelo in line and runs the office side of the coin shop. She is the go-to girl for the shop for antiques, jewelry, and maybe the occasional bloody mary…..occasional, hahaha

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